Erin is a wide-smile yogi who believes in finding the yoga in every moment of life. A self-proclaimed wonder-child, she strives to look at the world and everything in it with a sense of awe and gratitude. When not on her mat, Erin can be found sitting in various parks and coffee shops around New York City, writing about life and talking to anyone who makes eye contact.

Erin holds a degree in English and Creative Writing from NYU along with her 200 Hour YT certification from the Kripalu Center of Yoga and
Health where she learned the art of teaching from Devarshi Hartman and Jurian Hughes. She views the practice of asana on the mat as a personal expression, a unique flow of body and breath that simply celebrates life in the now. She prides herself on bringing a sense of play and lightness to her upbeat classes and hopes to create a space for her students to come and fall in love with their bodies as they dance and discover.There is no doubt in her mind that yoga is for everyone and happening all of the time. While on this ride if she’s simply trying to spread the joy of yoga to as many people as she can.

You can reach her at CONTACT EMAIL HERE. Hop on over to her blog and her
meditation section to check out some of her writing and inspired photos


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