Content Excerpt from Sakara Life DeTox Guide

*This guide was offered to clients of Sakara Life as a compliment to the meal delivery service they provide.

Welcome, darling Sakaralite. 

Get ready to feel as great as you look. (meow)

Yoga is a fabulous way to give the body the rejuvenation it needs, just in time for summer. Now that the sun has finally come out to play, it is time to wake the body up and get rid of all the build-up that accumulates due to exposure to preservatives, pesticides, stimulants, and heavy metals.

DeToxing is a natural way to restore and lighten the body, aiding the body in the natural elimination of metabolic waste products.

This DeTox offers you an opening breath meditation, a series of asanas, music suggestions to help you flow, and an ending visualization to recenter the body afterwards. We’ve also added a special Sakara Life DeTox Smoothie Recipe to help you bring the DeTox off the mat and into the kitchen.

Perform this practice two to three times a week. When combined with a Sakara Life meal plan, you’ll aid your body tremendously in its natural cleansing process, getting your body, mind, and spirit ready to meet the sun.



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