My mother wouldn’t suggest you

Sometimes you’ve got to do things for the story. I understand that, but I’m not sure my mother would agree. I wonder what she would do if she met you. She’d probably think you were very attractive, and then this would upset her. You are the same age, after all. I think you might have nicer hair then her, which would definitely upset her.

But then she’d try the dish you ordered especially for her, she’d be charmed by your accent and a few glasses of wine, and at that point maybe she would actually try to touch your hair. Maybe she’d catch herself smiling at the tablecloth, blushing a little bit. You do have a way of talking to women. She’d probably look around the room and wonder why you were spending so much time with her when there were all these beautiful women and rich open-shirted men to attend to. You are a bit famous, after all. She’d want you to go, but would like the fact that you kept an eye on her wine glass and told her she would not leave until she had tried the tiramisu. It was sweet at first bite but complex, just like her — great line by the way.

At the end of the night you’d ask to take her to another place. She’d say maybe another time, she’d let you know.

She’d leave, but not before you kissed her on both cheeks, feeling a bit cloudy-eyed and lightheaded, she’d be shaking her head, giving off a little laugh. She might trip over a crack in the street or her ankle may tip on her high heel, causing her to stumble, at which she would again giggle at the absurdity of it all. There would be other people around to witness her giddiness and they would try to recall a time when they too felt so free.

She’d think about going back to see you, but each time she thought about it the realization would dawn that she had nothing to wear, and you had already seen her best outfit and she might as well just enjoy the memory and pretend to have actually run her fingers through your very nice hair.

After all, we are very similar in most ways, my mother and I. But then again, not all ways nor always. I didn’t think your hair felt particularly great.


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