Luxury Italian Tours Abruzzo Tour Marketing

Content of Marketing Piece composed for Luxury Italian Tours February 2013

Find out what awaits you in Abruzzo

Join us on a journey that combines utmost luxury with unforgettable rustic charm. Combining tastings of fine wine with a grape-stomping experience, this tour is perfect for anyone looking to compliment their cultural experience with quality comfort.

A home away from home

We like to boast about our Abruzzen adventure as giving visitors a chance to feel at home while exploring a new country. One of the highlights of the tour is going to Emidio Pepe, a renown winery famous for its use of organic harvesting techniques. Mr. Pepe himself will be there to show us the ins-and-outs of wine production, guiding us from start to finish as we harvest and stomp the grapes that are to become the 2014 vintage. Along with taking home an exclusive bottle of wine, each with a personalized label, guests will leave afficianados, with a new appreciation for the LOVE and SOMETHING that goes into producing each bottle of Abruzzen Montepulciano.

One can hardly enjoy a good wine without the accompaniment of a traditional Italian fare (trust us, we know). The lovely matriarch of the vineyard, Rosa Pepe, will be cooking us some of the best traditional cuisine this side of divine. She’ll even share some of her culinary secrets to take home along with our personalized bottle. An open invitation to come sit around the table, eat, drink, laugh, and feel right at home.

Come play with us. Wine Not?

The wining and dining hardly ends after the vineyard of Emidio Pepe. We will travel onward to Le Marche to survey and sample the organic wines of the region, learning even more winemaking techniques. Known for its art and custom lace, this trip promises to be dripping in decadence. After spending an afternoon at the winery, we’ll leave some time before dinner in the natural grotto to take a dip in the hilltop pool or outdoor jacuzzi. Did we mention that this tour is luxurious?

Taking a little time to enjoy the natural things in life….

Besides natural wine, our Abruzzen excursion will land us in the rolling pastures of a bio-agriturismo farm where we will get to find out if the sheep really do speak Italian, and if the milk of an Italian cow really does taste like wine. We will have a SOMETHING meal that is prepared with food from the farm including organic cheeses, homemade pasta, and a special dessert. For the animal lovers of the group, there is a chance once the day draws to a close to adopt a sheep all your own. You can name the sheep and in return for being a proud parent you will receive your sheep’s annual production including cheeses, oils and wool products. A little bit of Italian countryside to take home with you (but please do not try and take the sheep home, it won’t work…trust us we know.)



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